6dof Simulator Systems

Driving simulators are often used for training and research purposes. Driving Simulators, the ability to produce a virtual driving environment similar to real driving conditions, can be used to train novice drivers before exposure to the real world. In addition, driving simulators are important in data collection for road safety research, human factor study, vehicle system development as well as traffic control device development. These enable designers, engineers and ergonomists to bypass the design and development process of detailed receipts of automobile interiors for human factor and vehicle performance studies.

(Six-axis) 6dof simulator systems, typically designed for military, commercial and entertainment applications, are fully electrical, digitally controlled and virtually maintenance-free. 6dof simulator systems are more complex moving platforms with high motion precision. It is preferred for more professional applications such as air flight training simulators. They can reach high load capacities. With high efficiency and the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, these systems will provide trouble-free service for decades. Clean and environmentally friendly, these systems have a very reliable, safe and proven design. With a completely enclosed design, these systems can be operated in the worst and most difficult conditions. Its unique simulator design and motion performance capability ensure reliable reproduction of vehicle motion environments. The simulator is used to investigate the relative importance of motion, noise, seating and thermal environment in vehicles and the interactions between these factors.

Using the simulator, the effects of vibration on motion perception, sitting dynamics and posture balance were investigated in sitting, standing and walking. Eforsim integrates full flight mortar simulators, driver training systems and 6dof simulator systems for virtual reality research. With experience in online applications, Eforsim guarantees maximum performance while operating at the highest security level for robotic real-time interaction.

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