Racing Motion Simulator

Although the motion systems technology for aircraft simulators has not changed significantly since the introduction of electric motion platforms, the simulation industry has seen the new introduction of second generation systems, designed to address the problems and problems encountered in first generation platforms. Another development in the market is to place more emphasis on motion hint technology to improve performance and increase realistic simulation of real aircraft movement and attitude. A motion simulator or motion platform is a mechanism that creates the feeling of being in a real motion environment. In a simulator, motion is synchronized with the visual image of the outside world scene. Motion platforms can provide motion for all six degrees of freedom (DOF) that an object that is free to move, such as an aircraft or spacecraft, can experience.
Racing motion simulator platforms for aircraft simulators are at the top, and more expensive amusement parks using a simulator-type motion base; arcade entertainment devices are evident, and motion platforms for home use are cost-effective but not capable of high-end devices. Some driving and flight simulation games allow the use of special controllers such as steering, foot pedal or joystick. Some game controllers designed in recent years have used tactile technology to provide the user with real-time tactile feedback in the form of vibration from the controller. A motion simulator takes the next step by providing full-body tactile feedback to the player. Moving gaming chairs can turn left and right and step forward and backward to simulate cornering corners, accelerations and decelerations. Racing motion simulator allow for a more stimulating and potentially realistic gaming experience and provide more physical correlation to vision and sound in the game. The use of motion platforms in simulators seems clear: if the perception of real-world events can be modeled, it will give the user almost the same experience.
However, in racing motion simulator this can only be achieved at the initial acceleration which cannot be sustained due to the physical limits of the size of the mo platform. As an effect, you can choose the most suitable and robust one for your racing motion simulations.