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Rally Simulator - 6 Dof

  • Strong and lightweight special design body manufactured from steel shaped tubes
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, adjustable and realistic seat manufactured from fiberglass
  • The most realistic mobile simulator designed with 6 dof mechanics
  • Emergency stop button
  • Realistic driving reactions thanks to the horizontal and vertical movements given by 6 dof mechanism
  • Base platform can be used not only driving simulations, but also airplane, train, caterpillar simulations
  • 3x40'' hd monitor (with fixing apparatus), 380 v
  • 5+1 logitech surround sound system
  • Multi-functional and demountable logitech G27 steering wheel and advanced rally range gearing
  • Length :220 cm
  • Width :230 cm
  • Height :175 cm
  • Weight :480 kg


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