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2 Dof Simulator Systems

Mobile axial platforms are affordable and cost-effective products for many types of simulators. 2-axis moving platforms are designed for applications such as tank or loader simulators where vertical movement is not important but angular movement and acceleration changes are critical. Eforsim, 2dof motion platforms are suitable for commercial sector simulators, coin-operated entertainment simulators, flight simulators or racing simulators. 2dof motion platforms are low cost parallel platforms that move with two inclined and rolling axes. It is mostly preferred in training simulators or entertainment simulators. Typically designed for military, commercial and entertainment applications, 2dof motion platform systems are fully electromechanical, digitally controlled and virtually maintenance free. In addition to having the lowest cost in the sector with its high efficiency, it will provide trouble-free service for decades. These clean and environmentally friendly systems have a reliable, safe and proven design.

Our 2dof simulator units, which can be operated in the worst and the most difficult conditions with their completely closed system design, have high performance, ergonomic design and construction quality. 2dof motion simulators offer our customers a more economical option than 3dof or 6dof simulators. This allows our customers to significantly reduce initial setup costs. The high quality fiberglass cabins we use in our products allow to increase the realism of our simulator systems. Thanks to low electricity consumption, our customers can use our products without excessive maintenance and usage costs. Eforsim simulation technologies develop and produce many different types of mobile platforms. If you need a special simulator or mobile platform for your application, please feel free to contact us. In order to adapt our products to your needs, we can deliver your motion platform ready to use by making special project-based manufacturing for you. Also, if you need a special simulator or revision of your products, please contact us to tailor our solutions to your needs.

Fiberglass Composite Systems
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