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A Formula 1 show car, sometimes referred to as a dream car, is a handmade fiberglass vehicle produced specifically for show purposes. They are shown at car shows and other exhibitions. Demonstration vehicles can be given to automobile companies or private individuals for show or event purposes. Event areas will attract attention by being decorated with unusual decorations to attract attention through show vehicles. These kinds of successful designs and style studies create a more exciting phenomenon than temporary works and arouse interest in the society. Such studies also draw attention to the manufacturer's more ordinary products, creating the desired mass attraction.

Since childhood, we have always been fascinated by the incredible machines that made us dream of racing cars, the success of legendary drivers and high speed. Eforsim Racing Simulators offer you the opportunity to relive these feelings with the Formula 1 showcar, a faithful replica of the most famous cars that will affect this beautiful sport.
Of the highest possible quality, these cars are a perfect replica of the original and a great opportunity to gain recognition among all your competitors. Formula 1 showcases also target enthusiasts who want to add a real Formula 1 car to their collection.

Sturdy and strong construction made of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials, experience games with brand new technology. Experience breathtaking virtual reality games, experiences and entertainment with Eforsim with breathtaking responses and professional sound quality.

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