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Racing Motion Simulators

While the technology of motion systems for aircraft simulators, rally simulators, helicopter simulators has not changed significantly since the production of electromechanical motion platforms, the simulation industry has seen the introduction of new second-generation systems designed to address the problems and issues encountered on first-generation platforms. Another development in the industry is to put more emphasis on motion technology to improve performance and increase realistic simulation of real aircraft, rally vehicle, helicopter motion and attitude. The motion simulator or motion platform is a mechanism that creates the feeling of being in a real motion environment. In a simulator, the motion is synchronized with the visual image of the outside world scene. Motion platforms can provide movement for all six degrees of freedom (DOF) that an object free to move, such as an airplane or spacecraft, can experience.

The top level simulator motion base is used as a platform for airplane simulators and racing motion simulators. Amusement parks, arcade entertainment equipment etc. Motion platforms for home use are cost-effective devices that do not have high-level simulator motion bases. Some driving and flight simulation games allow the use of special control devices such as steering wheel, foot pedal or joystick. Some game controllers designed in recent years use haptic technology to provide real-time tactile feedback to the user in the form of vibrations from the controller. The motion simulator takes the next step by providing tactile feedback to the player from the whole body. Movable gaming chairs can turn left and right and step forward and backward to simulate cornering turns, acceleration and deceleration. The racing motion simulator allows for a more stimulating and potentially realistic gaming experience and provides more physical association with the sight and sound of the game. The use of motion platforms in simulators is open, and the perception of real-world events will be modeled, giving the user almost the same experience.

However, unsustainable initial acceleration values can be obtained in a moving racing simulator due to the physical limitations of the size of the motion platform. As a result, you can choose the most suitable and realistic cockpits for your racing action simulations by taking advantage of Eforsim's experience.

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