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Simracing refers to racing in a simulated environment that is usually electronic and has a realistic physics affecting the car. Sim Racing video games are video games designed to be easily driven by drivers, unlike professional racing simulations. Simulation racing software more accurately mimics the effects of tire traction, suspension spring speeds. Due to copying the correct physics in the Sim Racing software, an accident inevitably occurs when the driver pushes the car beyond its limits.

Simracing software more accurately simulates the effects of tire traction and suspension spring rates. Due to the copying of correct physics in simulation racing software, the car is not so forgiving when the driver crosses its limits, as in popular video games. Because racing simulation can provide such a realistic experience, many amateur and professional racing car drivers use racing as a vehicle to improve their skills. Today's simulation software has advanced to the point where it contains precise tracks up to 1 cm, thanks to slip angle and sidewall deflection physics, detailed suspension geometry, and advanced tire models with laser scanning technology. All this provides the most realistic representation of driving a racing car.

A racing simulator driver must use vehicles with the same skills and techniques as real racing car drivers. The rider must keep the vehicle balanced to maintain traction on all four wheels and follow a good race line for best results. In other words, if you can't develop a good racing car and keep it under control, the car will go out of control or cause you to crash by kicking you off the track.

Eforsim specializes in combining the right combination of components to create the most realistic virtual driving cockpit available. Our unique design and expertise in cutting-edge technologies help the user get the best possible experience from racing simulation experience. If you still have questions about what hardware you need and how to start sim racing, please contact our sim racing team at the email above; We will be happy to assist you.

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