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Fiberglass Composite Systems

Composed of carbon fiber and epoxy resin matrix, composites are modern materials for a wide variety of applications such as the automotive, aerospace and sports industries. Carbon fiber composites, especially those with a polymeric matrix, have become the predominant advanced composite material for many industries due to their high strength and low density. Loading simulations are of paramount importance for modern industry, as composite materials exhibit strong anisotropy in mechanical properties.

Compared to the application models, he showed that the difference between the measured force values and the values obtained by simulation by interpreting the stress-strain behavior in local regions is still important. However, these differences are minimal in lab or mass production.

A unique feature of Eforsim Carbon Fiber Simulator Systems is to create an extraordinary combination of the latest materials and technologies available and suitable motorsport components. Eforsim racing simulators are a great choice for racing teams, drivers, trainers and simulator enthusiasts. Eforsim simulators are an ideal simulator vehicle designed to give the feeling of racing, acceleration and collision closest to the real, triple monitor system with maximum visibility, realistic gas and brake pedals, acceleration and collision detection system.

Our difference from other brands is that we offer robust products with the difference of carbon fiber. The simulator systems, fiberglass and carbon fiber materials produced with a solid and strong structure allow you to experience the games with a completely new technology. Experience breathtaking virtual reality games, experiences and fun with breathtaking responses and professional sound quality with Eforsim. Professional simulation technologies have never been easier and more affordable.

Fiberglass Composite Systems
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